Roofing Solutions

Kenny Lee Builders has over ten years experience in the roofing industry and has completed over 600 roofing jobs in the Southwestern Michigan area alone.

We understand that a quality roof is essential to the protection of your home and your family. That is why our roofing solutions encompass new roof installations, overlays, maintenance, and environmentally friendly roofs (Green Building Supplies Movement).  

In addition, our roofing solutions are always delivered with high-end craftsmanship, uncommon attention to detail, great customer service, and fair prices.

Premium Vinyl Siding

Kenny Lee Builders can also provide you with premium vinyl siding solutions. Our vinyl siding comes with a large selection of colors and styles suited to compliment any home.

Michigan has extreme environments, so we know it is important to provide you with premium vinyl that can perform in all types of weather; snow, rain, hail, sleet, heat, frost, and humidity. The elements can take a beating on your home’s exterior and vinyl siding is critical in ensuring your investment and the safety of your family.

Snow Plowing


Kenny Lee Builders is your reliable snow removal service. Kenny Lee can assist with both commercial and residential snow removal services and offers both pre-paid discounts and seasonal service contracts. Don't be left out in the COLD!

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Green Solutions


Kenny Lee Builders has the Green solution to assist you in saving up to 35% on your homes heating and cooling costs. Our premium vinyl siding can assist with this need, along with our product offering of Snuggle Flakes. To learn more about this energy efficient and Green movement, please visit Snuggle Flakes directly at

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